Hope to the Hungry

Hope to the Hungry is a yearly promotion to raise money for a client Mission so that they can provide meals to those in need. Depending on the client, a variety of sized web banner ads need to be made to drive online donations.

30 Day Challenge

A different fundraising effort for Mission clients. The 30 Day Challenge is promoted exclusively online through e-marketing and social media to raise money to provide meals to people in need.

Summer of Hope

A promotional effort to ask donors to give a larger donation to provide meals on a monthly basis. Used in conjunction with radio fundraisers and online advertising to feed people in need meals during the summer months

i58:10 Promotionals

Postcard design used to promote services of agency to attendees of the AGRM conference. These postcards had an accompanying digital version that feature various tenants of i5:10’s services.

Paper Turkey

Promotion for UGM Portland asking donors to buy “paper turkeys” which are vouchers for families in need during Thanksgiving.

Operation Overcoat 1K

Promotion for UGM Portland asking donors to provide 1000 coats for their Operation Overcoat event.

Host University

Logo for a event offered by i58:10 Media which coaches radio hosts on running a fundraising campaign.

Tradeshow Display

Developed a tradeshow booth standup display which outlines the services and products of Screaming Circuits.

Holiday Cards

Illustrated holiday card covers for Screaming Circuits for a couple years. These cards were sent out to customers as a thank you for their patronage throughout the year.

Ad forIndustry Today

Ad used in the trade publication Industry Today to highlight Milwaukee Electronics / Screaming Circuit’s products and services.

Promotional Card

Card that was shipped with customer’s orders from Screaming Circuits. Featured a promo discount as well as a link to a customer satisfaction survey.

Constructivist Poster

A poster designed for internal promotion at Screaming Circuits based on the Russian Constructivism art movement.

Tesla Poster

A design for both a poster and t-shirt that produced to raise money for the Nikola Tesla Museum.

RUR Month

Another monthly promotion, this one focusing on the fist time the phrase “robot” was used.

Wild and Waste EP

(left) The CD jacket for HTWWW’s Wild and Waste EP. Working with another artist’s illustration, I laid out the artwork and added hand-drawn type for the front and back cover. (right) This is a lyric video I produced featuring the song “Wild and Waste”. The background art was created in Photoshop and the typographic animation produced in After Effects.

Social Graphic

A promotional logo for the band to use on social media, specifically Facebook. They requested a “frozen metal” look to coincide with the release of “Wild and Waste”.

Concert Poster

Poster design to promote a free concert featuring the band to raise money for a charity.

Single Cover

Cover design for the first single released by How The West Was Won, titled “Day of the Ramrider”.






Print advertisements designed for multiple trade publications and magazine in the aviation industry. LEKTRO manufactures towbarless aircraft tugs.

Home Brochure

I developed a whole branding package for a home being sold by its owner. (See the website below). I also producted the photography used in the promotional materials and website.


Union Gospel Mission Portland

Built to replace outdated WordPress theme, and to provide a more dynamic and responsive layout. In collaboration with i58:10 Media.


i58:10 Media

Developed branding and assets to unify WordPress theme as well as print elements used by the agency for promotion.


Bridgeport Rescue Mission

Also with the assistance of i58:10 Media, we launched a WordPress website to replace their outdated and hard-to-navigate HTML website.


The Wild Hare Saloon and Café

Designed a WordPress-powered website that features a menu and other desirable features for a restaurant’s website.


1050 Rafael Ave. N

This website was built to advertise a home for sale by owner. I was contacted to do a photo shoot, design print advertisements, as well as a web presence. The site is responsive to make it easy for mobile users to get details on the house.


Capital City Rescue Mission

A Rescue Mission in Albany, New York who needed a new layout and easily-updateable website. In collaboration with i58:10 Media, we produced a responsive and easy to navigate WordPress solution.


I have many more examples of work that I have done, some of which can not be shown here. I am always glad to share my physical portfolio with prospective clients and employers. Arrange a meeting with me today!